December 3, 2008

Make Me Do It

"I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it." -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Do What? Next Steps...

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Dusty said...

The Big O wants to elevate the bullshit in cross that one off your list.

Universal Health Ins will be instituted using privately controlled insurance companies is my bet.

Obama flip flopped on Trade..remember?

His people have said the chances of prosecuting the Bushies is slim and none.

The rest we might get. ;)

GDAEman said...

Ah, but we are obligated to ask for it all. The process of asking is part of the evolution. We need to make them say "no." Then, we come back again and again (the multi-generational struggle thing).

Blue Girl said...

How cool that you wrote this the week of my birthday, and that I found it when I searched for the quote.