November 6, 2008

Next Steps

Like FDR said after he was elected in 1932, "I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it." -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

What do we want?

  • Out of Iraq with No Permanent Bases
  • No Escalation in Afghanistan (It's a dry quagmire)
  • Universal Health Care with No Insurance Middle-man
  • Election Reform One person, One voice, One vote, no corporate speech nor money
  • Fair Trade not Corporate Free Trade
  • Spread the Wealth down to the people from whom it was taken over the last few decades
  • Enforce Environmental Laws
  • Investigate and Prosecute the Crimes of the Bush Administration

That's just for starters.



libhom said...

I love that FDR quote.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

There's a few more hanging fire.....


And even more.

It took eight years of literal lawlessness to get this country where it is. In that amount of time, one can destroy generations of labor.

We need to remember that those recently beaten in the election do not see it as the American Way, they see it as deriving them of their rightful seat. As such, they will do anything, including sabotage his programs, the economy, anything that he tries to fix. They are willing to send this country to hell in exchange for holding power once again.

GDAEman said...

They might even attempt a military coup as they tried to do in 1934.

Thanks for your comments.