December 31, 2008

My First Podcast Dec 2008

In less than 30 minutes the GDAE Podcast brings you...
  • Music by Ryan Harvey, "It's Not Just Bush," on hard-driving acoustic guitar
  • WakeUp Am podcast satire on the Bush presidential library
  • Rick Back Book Bock (Ricky) on art and other things
  • Van Jones on Green Jusice
  • GDAEman sings "This Old Man" (humor)
... all for the price of your time, which I know is valuable. So, don't waste it. Be sure to get pissed off and make your voice heard in response to this podcast. We certainly can't depend on Obama to get us out of the mess we're in.

Episode 1 - Click Here

Psssst... Do Something




RickB said...

I enjoyed that, will you get it onto itunes to simplify subscription?

Dusty Rose said...

great post! i enjoy intelligent people

GDAEman said...

Thanks for your feedback. The next episode is done and about to be posted. I still need to figure out how to syndicate via iTunes.