December 4, 2008

Alternative "US" Currencies

Most libertarians are probably all familiar with these gold and silver based, privately minted currencies. It's worth checking out The Shotgun Blog entry on one of the newest entries into the field, the Free Lakota Bank currency pictured to the right.

The US dollar is hollow, like the house of cards that was Wall Street. So, the people promoting these alternative currencies cite the inherent value of the underlying metal for its legitimacy.

Included in the "AOCS approved" network are seven currencies. The Free Lakota Bank is on the list, but so, too, is the Liberty Dollar, the "NeoCoins," the Dixie Dollar, the Freedom Mint, the Community Dollar, and the "LibreCoins" which are coming soon.

According to the Shotgun Blog, the AOCS, American Open Currency Standard, is a loose network of currencies noted above. Exactly what they "approve" I'm not sure.

The Lakota brand is an outgrowth of the Lakota Tribe's declaration of independence last year. They have opened the Lakota Free Bank, that challenges the Federal Reserve system by operating under their own principles (it is not a fractional reserve banking system).

It's worth checking out the NeoCoins. These are folks who have a sense of humor. Look closely at the Bush Coin.

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