December 24, 2008

Jerry Nadler for NY Senate Seat

Hilary Clinton's Senate seat is opening and the New York Governor will appoint her replacement. Caroline Kennedy is actively campaigning for the seat. Jerrold Nadler is a contender, but isn't openly campaigning.

Nadler is chair of a House subcommittee on the US Constitution. He speaks truth to power. He was one of the first politicians I heard, well over a year ago, say, to the effect, "impeachment is NOT important, because we will seek criminal prosecution," of Bush and the other high officials who have broken laws that define our democracy.

Nadler has 8 years of experience in Congress and has the temperment to be in the upper house (Senate). Please raise your voice on his behalf.

Contact New York Governor David Paterson.
Urge him to appoint Jerrold Nadler to the US Senate for the state of New York.

Psssst... Pass the Word... Our voices are louder with direct contact...




libhom said...

I was more enthusiastic about him before he stubbornly opposed impeachment.

GDAEman said...


True he didn't go for impeachment, but when ever he spoke on the topic he advocated criminal prosecution. Nadler is actively seeking Bush's prosecution, and should be supported on that.