December 1, 2008

Contact President-elect Obama

Updated Dec. 3 with image to the right

Want change? Larry Summers, who brought us unregulated over-the-counter derivatives and many bailouts, isn't change.

Robert Gates, who wants to modernize our nuclear weapons, when people like Henry Kissinger are urging we rid ourselves of nukes, isn't change.

John Brennan, who advocated for warrantless wire tapping and extraordinary rendition, and is heading Obama's intelligence transition, isn't change.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Want change? Take a leaf from the pages of history. Change only comes from the bottom up. Make a lot of noise now, or prepare to be very disappointed.

Psssst... Do Something




The Future Was Yesterday said...

"This time I promise: it will be different."
Like Charlie Brown forever trying to kick that elusive football Nancy will never hold true like she says she will, we pursue a desperate dream. And our desperation is grabbed, coddled in their hands, then smashed with the hammer of reality, as the congressional class of 04 showed.

Obama could make millions selling furnaces in the Mojave; millions more selling ice makers to the Eskimo's in igloo's. Therein starts our dilemma. We want so bad to believe; there is nothing left to do but believe in him or go back to certain destruction.

And He shows how to sell Destruction Lite.

GDAEman said...

Future Yesterday...

We gotta hold his feet to the fire. We have reality on our side.