December 21, 2008

Dump Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel is too tainted by the "FUCKING" Blagojevich corruption scandal to survive. Lets show Obama where the "FUCKING" power lies by swamping his email with demands for Emanuel's dismissal.

Editor's Note: The curse words above are excerpted from the transcripts of numerous phone conversations between Blagojevich and Emanuel.

See references to "President-elect Advisor" in the federal indictment document.

Contact Obama... and your media outlets




Dusty said...

Personally, I want to sit and wait on this...just a day or two more till the report comes out.

RickB said...

I think the five minutes after he is fired will be a sweary critical mass explosion the likes we have never before seen, couldn't happen to a nicer -pro-war- multi millionaire DLC/neocon spot-the-difference-if-you-can kinda guy.

libhom said...

I think the report "clears" him, but I agree. Emanuel should go.