December 1, 2008

Thoughts as I Read and a Tear for Tanta

Obama is simply changing the name and location of Guantanamo Bay concentration camp. Preventive detention, that is, being held without charges, is one of the principle reasons the United States of America broke from Britain. We can't let Obama close Guantanamo, Cuba and open Guantanamo, USA. [Thanks to and Dahr Jamail].

Paul Krugman is saying we need real deficit spending to counter the great unraveling. Hmmm...? Didn't Krugman write a book of that title in 2003? It's not like we didn't see this coming.

He also sang his praises for gifted CalculatedRisk blogger Tanta, who passed away at age 47. I was strongly moved by the kind thoughts of Doris “Tanta” Dungey.

Can you believe that Obama considered CIA insider John Brennan, a close associate of George Tenet, to head the CIA? Brennan is leading Obama's transition review of intelligence agencies. Brennan supported warrantless wiretapping and kidnapping (extraordinary rendition) under Bush. At least Brennan was smart enough to decline the offer saying he didn't want his nomination to be a distraction.

And you should see the comments to this one:

Arundati Roy asks how we should resist

Which leads you to the question, What is "DroppingKnowledge"?

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libhom said...

The idea of a biodiversity of resistance is interesting.