July 31, 2011

GDAE Podcast Episode 49

  • Economist James Galbraith: Reality check on the Washington "Debt Crisis".
  • Journalist, media critic and political analyst John Nichols: The Unraveling Murdoch News Corp media empire. Were crimes also committed in the United States?

  • Ralph Nader: Common Ground with the Tea Party? This might be true for the principled libertarians within the Tea Party.

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July 1, 2011

Wisconsin Recall Elections

The following is a blatant repeat of an email that asks for funding support for the recalls of republican state senators in Wisconsin. Time to put our money where our hearts are.

Wisconsin recall elections:

Public Policy Polling. June 24-26, likely voters:

Senate district 32, currently held by Republican Dan Kapanke
Jennifer Shilling (D): 56
Dan Kapanke (R): 42

Senate district 18, currently held by Republican Randy Hopper
Jessica King (D): 50
Randy Hopper (R): 47

Senate district 10, currently held by Republican Shelia Harsdorf
Sheila Harsdorf (R): 50
Shelly Moore (D): 45

Six Republicans face recall elections, and Democrats need to defeat three of them to take control of the state Senate. We have only polled three of those six races so far, and already we found Democrats ahead in two campaigns and close in another.

This is a very winnable campaign. If we win, then we prove that a people-powered uprising, when allied with a unified Democratic Party that is willing to fight back, can defeat those who would slash the social safety net to pay off billionaires and big corporations.

That is a win we need badly, both in Wisconsin and nationwide. Please, make it happen by contributing $1 to each of the Democratic candidates in the Wisconsin recall elections.