December 26, 2008


OK, I've been a bit quiet the last few daze. Grading final papers, coming up with final grades, shopping, wrapping, partying, unwrapping, more partying... did I say eating? Oh, yes and the ever-so-important napping, which often follows reading... By tradition I delve into a fiction book around this time of year.... did I say cooking? AND I've recently started playing with a Rubiks Cube... it's a little addictive.

On top of all of this, and being an awesome partner [sic], I've been researching how best to syndicate my new PODCAST. It's true, I'm going audio. And, for all of my regular visitors, once I can figure out how to interview people over the phone, I'll invite you to add your voice to the podwaves.

Nuff Said. Happy New Year wishes to all.

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

"It's true, I'm going audio."

I look forward to that!! You can buy a fairly cheap suction cup at radio shack that fits on the receiver of the phone, and the other end plugs into a pocket recorder, even the "sound/Mic in" on your computer should you so wish. All I've ever seen had a standard RCA jack. We used it to record our Son's phone calls from Iraq. It will deliver surprisingly good audio, no line noise, etc.

GDAEman said...

Hey! Waday Know? Thanks for the tip FWY.