June 13, 2007

The US Attorney Firings Expose a Deeper Plot

The US Attorney firings have exposed two major plots: 1) To supress Democratic voters, and 2) A long-range plan to elevate political operatives, "loyal Bushies," to federal judge positions by first appointing them to be US Attorneys, thereby giving them credentials in the future.

There's far more to this plot, but here's an outline:

The Plot

1. Timothy Griffin helped steal the 2000 election as the legal advisor to the Bush-Cheney Florida recount. Removing Floridians from the voter rolls was a key element in the 2000 election subplot.

2. Timothy Griffin, helped steal the 2004 election, working under the direction of Karl Rove [a] for the Republican National Committee (RNC). Griffin runs a caging list operation [b] to suppress the Democratic vote by removing people from voter rolls and creating false evidence to 1) use in challenging voters and, 2) create an impression of wide-spread voter fraud. Caging is illegal and the RNC has been caught doing it in the past.[c]

3. Republicans inserted a provision into the reauthorized USA PATRIOT Act allowing US Attorneys to be appointed without Senate confirmation. Does this action originate with Karl Rove?

4. Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzalez's Justice Department lead a campaign to create artificial concerns about individuals committing voter fraud. [d]

5. With hyped-up concerns of voter fraud swirling, Rove's operation influences State legislators to pass "Voter ID" laws designed as another prong in the plot to suppress Democratic votes. [e]

6. The Justice Department and White House (Karl Rove) develop a list of US attorneys to be fired, which consists of attorneys who would not go along with the plot to suppress Democratic votes

7. Timothy Griffin was appointed US Attorney in Arkansas, replacing Bud Cummins. The hope being that one day Griffin would become a federal judge to do the bidding of the dark side. He could be counted on to do thier bidding because the dark side has dirt on him (his role in this plot).

The Plot Unraveling:

- Fired US Attorneys are instructed not to speak about the subject publically, but they do speak.

- Fired US Attorney David Iglesias testifies to Congress that New Mexico Senator Pete Domenici illegally called to pressure him to file criminal charges against a Democrat before the 2006 election. Iglesias, the military attorney upon which the Tom Cruise charicter in "A Few Good Men" is based, reports he felt "sick" after Domenici hung up on him.

- Greg Palast interviews former US Attorney Iglesias and reports on DemocracyNow. In addition to not filing charges on behalf of the RNC before the November 2006 elections, Iglesias reports,

They were telling Rove that I wasn’t doing their bidding. I wasn't filing these voter fraud cases.

- The Seattle times reports on Washington Attorney John McKay,

Some believe McKay's dismissal was retribution for his failure to convene a federal grand jury to investigate allegations of voter fraud.

- Rep. John Conyers, chair of the House Judiciary Committee, initiates investigation of Timothy Griffin.

- Timothy Griffin resigns as US Attorney.

- Former Karl Rove aide, Sara Taylor, is subpoenaed to testify to Congress. White House counsel, and failed Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, is also subpoenaed.

- The US establishment media remains silent, but that can't last too much longer on a story this big, or can it?

- The unraveling continues....


[a] This is known because e-mails with caging lists attached were obtained by BBC when the e-mails were accidently sent to GeorgeWBush."ORG" rather than ."COM" These e-mails include the many sent by Karl Rove from RNC computers that he claimed had been lost.

[b] Cagging works this way to suppress approximately 3 million Democratic votes: Huge numbers of people are identified as likely Democratic voters (using ethnic names and other demographic indicators) who are also likely to be away from their address when the letter arrives (people who use a homeless shelter address as their primary residence, students on vacation and US military personnel in Iraq). Certified mail is sent to them with instructions, "Do Not Forward, Return to Sender" if the person isn't at the address. The returned mail was used by the RNC to develop a "caging list," used to either petition for removal of people from the voter lists or challenge the votes during the election. Duped or corrupt secretaries of state, like Ken Blackwell who oversaw elections in Ohio, go along with the plot. The BBC, and now the US Congress, have these caging lists.

[c] Caging people by ethnicity is a felony under the Voting Rights Act. In addition, the RNC was caught caging in the 1980s and, to avoid criminal prosecution, the RNC
signed a consent order not to engage in any form of caging with the courts. The RNC has surely created means of plausible deniability in this case, but is significantly exposed at this time.

[d] At the direction of Washington, US Attorneys across the Country hold press conferences to generate hysteria about individuals committing voter fraud, despite very little evidence that significant fraud is occuring. Some US Attorneys conduct prosecutions on thin evidence, others refuse to initiate cases despite pressure from the Justice Department.

[e] Although State legislators might have been duped by the intent of Rove plotters, many of the state voter ID laws suppress Democratic votes. For example, the RNC plotters know that, statistically, inner city poor people tend not to have ID and tend to vote democratic. Thus, by requiring two forms of ID, many inner city people who don't have drivers licenses and may not maintain good records, e.g., birth certificates, are prevented from voting.


Thanks to the investigative work of Greg Palast for BBC

Ring of Fire, June 9th, 2007

Democracy Now, May 14, 2007, Investigative Journalist Greg Palast Reports on the Firing of New Mexico Attorney David Iglesias

David Bowermaster, "Was McKay ousted over 2004 election?", Seattle Times, February 16, 2007.


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