June 23, 2007

How Many is 3,600 Dead US Soldiers?

The 60 x 60 grid below gives you a quick mental image of the number 3,600. As of June 23, 2007, 3,550 US soldiers have been killed in Iraq. The real images of 3,550 dead soldiers are far more gruesome than this sterile image.

3,600 dead US soldiers how many

The image below represents 3,000 dead US soldiers.

The image below is the Bush Mosaic in Death:

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--Blue Girl said...

Since the first American serviceman was laid to rest at Arlington on May 13, 1864 "Americas most hallowed ground" has become the final resting place of 300,000 people. If all of the casualties of this clusterfuck were buried at Arlington - they would be more than one percent of the total internments. Staggering to contemplate when one considers that the place has been in existence for 145+ years.