June 28, 2007

CNN Positive Review of 'Sicko'

Wow. CNN entertainment critic Tom Charity gives Michael Moore's Sicko a very positive review. Granted, like all of the establishment media, Charity has to characterize Moore as a "polemicist" and the "most polarizing filmmaker." It appears that the corruption of the US health care system is so stark that it carries the movie, in spite of being associated with the "controversial" Michael Moore. This is evidenced by Charity's observation:
A little over a year ago, Moore invited citizens to send in their health-care horror stories. Within the week his Web site was inundated with 25,000 emails. If this is anecdotal evidence, it's on a scale worth talking about.

Charity also highlights what I feared might get lost. The fact that the system fails even those who have health care:

"Sicko" begins with three cases illustrating the plight of the 46 million Americans without health insurance, but quickly moves on to address wider concerns about the kind of care reserved for the lucky 250 million who do have coverage.

Charity also pegs the take-away message of Moore. Cut out the middle man:

In a nutshell, Moore's argument comes down to this: the insurance companies are making a killing at their customers' expense. And in this industry, that term is all too literal.

I've not yet seen Sicko, but have heard Moore interviewed twice on DemocracyNow. If ever we had a chance to fundamentally change the US health care system, now is the time. There's one major reason for hope, besides the awakening that will accompany Sicko. That is, the private sector doesn't want to pay for health care any more, and is willing to support a government-based health care system. That's because paying for healthcare it makes private businesses uncompetative with foreign corporations that aren't saddled with paying for their worker's health care.

See Full CNN Review.

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