June 17, 2007

Presidential Candidates That Get My Support

So far my 2008 presidential campaign donations have gone to Kucinich, Obama and Edwards. I want to support their voices in the primaries.

I'm pulling for Edwards, with the hope he'll challenge corporate power at the Constitutional level. I have, however, been critical of Edwards for pandering to the Israeli lobby. However, Edwards' true colors are revealed by his vocal warning of Israeli's potential use of nukes on Iran.

Back to Campaign '08. My assessment...

Kucinich unfortunately has no chance,
Obama is inexperienced and would likely be assassinated if elected,
Richardson is worth watching, because he has said all troops out and no US military bases in Iraq (Now there's a campaign promise I predict would be broken).
Hilary is a corporate toady (parasite)... oh, you already knew that. Sorry.

All of that said, I'm registered with the Green Party as another "vote" that sends a message to the Democrats... "You've got competition."


David Bright said...

I'm puzzled by all the people who say they like Kucinich and he has no chance and they don't like Clinton and she's going to get the nomination.
When are people going to figure out that if they actually vote for the candidate they like, in the caucuses and primaries, that candidate could win?
When will people figure out they don't have to vote for the candidate NBC and CNN and FOX says will win. Get some back backbone, get some courage, get some self confidence. Empower yourself and vote with your heart in the primary.
If your candidate doesn't win the nomination you can hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils in November, but in the primary you should be voting for the candidate YOU like best, not the candidate the party likes best or some pollster guesses other people like best. Don't worry about who the Republicans will put up, your job in a primary is to tell the party leaders what YOU think,. If all the anti-war people end up voting for Clinton because they think she has a better chance to beat some un-named Republican, the Democratic Party big wigs will never get the message that the base is against they war. The leaders will see all those votes from Clinton and think Democrats agree with her pro-war stance.
Now as for being a Green, if the Greens don't mount a candidate you like and you like Edwards or Kucinich or Richardson, then re-enroll as a Democrat for the primary, vote your choice, then go back to the Green Party after the primary. When it comes to the Democratic primaries, being a Green doesn't say "you've got competition" to the Party bosses. It them them "you can nominate the most corporate candidate you can, because I'm going to sit on my hands and let you."
Greens who want to shake up the Democratic Party should engage in the Democratic Party primary, voting for the non-corporate, non wall-street, non-defense-contractor candidate. Consider it your job to throw a monkey wrench into the Democratic Party. Or for even more fun, enroll as a Republican and vote for Ron Paul.

Rick said...

Coming from the other side of the fence, I'm not enthralled with the, er, um, "candidates" on the republican side of the house. This pre-pre-campaigning is folly to me, because the media are already deciding who to prop up and who to marginalize.

I'd like to see who the Constitutionalist and Libertarian parties are going to throw my way. They can't be any worse that the republican candidates.

GDAEman said...


No need to be puzzled. The corporations have thoroughly taken over the Country, right down to our culture.

Corporte power controls the electoral process, forcing a two-party system on us. But that is slowly changing, starting at the local level with things like instant runoff voting. In time, if we devote ourselves to a mult-generational struggle, the peole will prevail.

GDAEman said...

So will the peleo, the peeps and the People.

Anonymous said...

Edwards has worked hard to get the support of the Bilderberg Group. He's clearly on the side of the Globalists. He has admitted that he would take out innocent people to bomb a community on a tip that Osama was there. He co-authored the war resolution and promoted the war until the day it started. Now he is promoting war with Iran. A vote for John Edwards is a vote in support of the oil companies and more war. Anyone who votes for Edwards is no friend of the common man.