June 20, 2007

Google Searches of B of A Credit Card Scam

I'm struck by the number of people who search for the phrase "Bank of America Credit Card Scam" on Google. How do I know their searching? They hit my blog post and I track my traffic. Here's a typical search string:

www.google.be/search?hl=nl&q=BofA scam on finance charges&meta=

What's more surprizing, although a fair number of my blog posts come up in the top-ten for Google searches, try lebanon damage 2006, this B of A blog post doesn't come up very high. To me, that implies that even more people must be searching for "Bank of America credit card scam" than those that reach my site (most people don't look too far past the first page or two of their google search results before trying another search string.

It would seem that B of A has a credit card scam problem.

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Simmons said...

Does Thoughts on the World really seem like a conservative blog?! That says something :(

*Note to self - write more liberal posts*

Maybe on Iraq, my position could be seen as conservative.

By the way, the link doesn't work. But thanks for the link :)