June 23, 2007

Hope in a Broad Based Backlash

Another in the series on "hope" for changing the aristocratic system.

The corrupt US health care system enriches an elite minority. They use their power and wealth to co-opt both Democratic and Republican parties, thereby securing and expanding their wealth and power. The same thing occurs with other major American industries, most notorious being the ballooning defense and security industries.

These two examples have been exposed in the documentaries "Sicko," by Michael Moore, and "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers," by Robert Greenwald.

So, where's the hope?

In both cases these corrupt industries are harming, even killing, common people of all political persuasions. I repeat, people of all political persuasions are getting the shaft. Broad based harm translates into potential for a broad based backlash, and this broad based backlash translates into a high probability for changing the aristocratic system.

Therein lies the hope.

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