June 5, 2007

GOP Ruse on Iraq by Default?

So we hear that GOP leaders and Bush loyalists are concluding that the Baker / Hamilton Iraq Study Group recommendations are the best way to go. That is, take the establishment route. Duh.

Sorry, but "duh" is what comes to mind. The fact that it is supposedly bipartiasn doesn't mean it isn't imperialist, colonial.

Bush is out at the radical edge of the spectrum, making the establishment position seem middle-of-the-roas; the "bipartisan" plan actually constitutes a diplomatic imperial incursion designed to control Iraq. It's just a smarter way of doing it, that is below the radar of the American public. In other words, its a ruse that looks appealing in contrast to the wacko dominionist position of Bush.


Associated Press, June 5, 2007, GOP: Bush should adopt bipartisan plan.

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