December 1, 2006

Chavez Buying Votes

In Caracas, a reporter "met with a reporter for the TV station whose owner is generally credited with having backed the failed 2002 coup [of Hugo Chavez]. She pointed to the "ranchos," the slums, above Caracas where shacks, most made of cardboard and tin, were quickly transforming into homes of cinder blocks and cement. "He gives them bread and bricks, so they vote for him, of course." She was disgusted. By "them," she meant 80% of the Venezuela that is "negro e indio" (Black and Indian). This poor, dark 80% had, until Chavez ran for President, left the running of the government, and the spending of the nation's wealth, to the minority white 20%."

We shouldn't fool ourselves. When the elite minority praises "democracy" they are coopting the term. Hugo Chavez is patriotic. The problem that the powerful minority in the US has with this is that Chavez's patriotism is directed toward Venezuela, not the United States of America. Go figure.


Palast, Greg, "Armed Madhouse," page 179, 2006, Dutton, Penguin Group, Inc.

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