December 30, 2006

Riverbend Ponders: Is the Iraq Debacle Intended

In her blog post of Dec. 29 Riverbend posed the question, "Is the US crushing Iraq on purpose?" I've wondered the same thing myself.

Noam Chomsky argues that the US was able to achieve its objectives in Vietnam by crushing that nation, but the same is not true in Iraq. (I could dig up his reasoning if you'd like).

Greg Palast, BBC investigative reporter, argues that the US wants to limit Iraqi oil production to keep oil prices up. He has documentation that is pretty convincing. This perspective supports the contention that the US is creating chaos on purpose.

Creating crises as a way to maintain dominance is a well established management technique. I suspect that we might be witnessing a case in which this concept was being applied by the US, and like a contolled burn in forest management, it has gotten out of control.

Update: January 6, 2007

I ran across the following, which sheds some potential light on the question:

"All criminals who survived the Fallujah crisis after committing genocide and other war crimes were granted higher ranks," Maj. Amir Jassim from the Ministry of Defense told IPS. "I and many of my colleagues were not rewarded because we disobeyed orders to set fire to people's houses [in Fallujah] after others looted them."

Jassim said the looting and burning of homes in Fallujah during the November siege was ordered from the Ministries of Interior and Defense.

"Now they want to do the same things they did in Fallujah in all Sunni areas so that they ignite a civil war in Iraq," said Jassim, referring to the Shia-dominated ministries. "A civil war is the only guarantee for them to stay in power, looting such incredible amounts of money."


[1] Dahr Jamail with Ali al-Fadhily, October 2006, Govt Death Squads Ravaging Baghdad

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