December 2, 2006

Leahy to Probe Dangerous Government Traveler Screening Program

How would you feel if the U.S. Government shared some or all of their information about you with state, local, foreign governments, courts, Congress and even private contractors for use in hiring decisions and in granting licenses, security clearances, contracts or other benefits?

It's already being done, since 2002, if you fly internationally or go on cruises or cross into Canada on Am Trak. The Government's Automated Targeting System, or ATS, is operating in addition to existing watch lists. The travelers are not allowed to see or directly challenge these risk assessments. The cases of falsely jailed attorney Brandon Mayfield is one of a growing list of examples of why this type of dragnet screening of American citizens is dangerous. Fortunately, incoming Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy promises to conduct oversight.

The fact that Democrats are going to probe this excessive abuse of Government power is an example of why many people shifted their support to Democrats during the recent mid-term elections. As our Government becomes increasingly authoritarian, it is vital that we challenge such intrusions into our civil liberties and privacy.


MICHAEL J. SNIFFEN, Associated Press Writer, December 1, 2006 12/1/06Web LINK

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Quipper said...

You state this as though it's only a Republican problem. Remember that absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is just the recent proof.