December 11, 2006

Bush Extreme Actions List

"This is really the calling of our time — that is, to defeat these extremists and radicals,... an important part of laying the foundation for peace," the president said Monday. Bush: Look in the Mirror.

This, coming from someone who...

+ Started a war of Aggression
+ Misrepresentation of Intelligence to Justify War in Iraq
+ Abused War Powers to Justify Erosion of Civil Liberties
+ Initiated Warrantless Domestic Spying
+ Claims Common Article III of the Geneva Convention is Obsolete
+ Detains People Indefinitely without Due Process

+ Renditions People to Secret CIA Prisons
+ Renditions People to Countries Known to Conduct Torture
+ Used False Testimony Secured by Torture for Propaganda (Colin Powell UN Testimony)
+ Has Advocated and Conducted Torture
+ Withdrew from the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty
+ Nominates Extreme Judges
+ Signing Statements indicating he won't follow laws.
+ Considers the Extreme Regligious Right to be his Base
+ Uses Harsh Retribution Against Countries & People that Oppose Bush Actions
+ Exposed a CIA Asset (Valarie Plame)
+ Surrounds himself with Extreme Advisors
+ Maintains Power through Election Fraud
+ Silences Government Scientists
+ Preventing Disclosure of White House Visitor Log

1 comment:

Quipper said...

I disagree with practically all of your points. Here are a few:

- Joseph Wilson outed his wife.
- Clinton believed the pre-war intelligence, too.
- Since when is it election fraud to follow the laws put in place for running an election? If you don't like that ballot precincts close at the legal time, and that the grievance process overextended the legal time, then work to get the law changed.
- MSM silences scientists who don't agree with global warming.

So, we have points of difference on both sides of the aisle. The problem is still the same: who is protecting the liberty of the citizens, and who is saving their own hide?

Stop looking at this as "us" vs. "them". It just feeds the power of both parties, and doesn't work to solve the problems of the nation.