September 28, 2006

Hands Off Hugo Chavez

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld recently tried to hype "concerns" about Venezuela's military, saying, "I don't know of anyone threatening Venezuela, anyone in this hemisphere."

It's laughable, but you can count on the corporate media to fall in line, and print such statements without question.

So, it's left up to bloggers to remind people of the fact that the US CIA and the military have overthrown numerous Latin American governments in recent decades, remind people that senior US officials, like Elliot Abrams of Iran Contra fame, have been linked to people involved in the 2002 coup who tried to overthrow the elected Venezuelan government, remind people that the US now has a formal military doctrine of preemptive war and has used that doctrine in Iraq, remind people that Venezuela has oil resources that are on par with Saudi Arabia.

It's plain to see that the US is waging a propaganda war against Venezuela, and likely is engaging in covert military activities.

Venezuela is not a threat if we don't threaten Venezuela. But, if the US tries to destabilize Venezuela, then it has a right to defend it's national security interests. People can criticize his style, but Chavez is popularly elected, more than can be said of George Bush.

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