December 28, 2006

Edwards: A Man of the People

The people of America are fortunate to have a true leader, like Edwards, take on the challenge of running for president. Edwards speakes truth to power, which is refreshing in this era of corporate plutocratic dominance.

He will be challenged as "protectionist" and worse by the powers-that-be, starting with those in the Democratic Party.

He deserves the working-people's support, if only to send a clear message to the corporate and political elite: "We're here. Ignore us at your own fate."


Anonymous said...

Hi there from New Orleans! I agree with your comments and thanks for your post on huffpo. to see what populist rumblings are afoot, see

GDAEman said...

For the curious, the article to which Amy refers is The Media Disconnect of Edwards' New Orleans Photo Op a blog by Michelle Pilecki. It isn't "bad," it's just smacks too much of shallow "gotcha" liberal punditry.

So, what did I have to say?

A lot of negative critiques of Pilecki's piece, whish she built around the failure of the levees. What about the institutionalized efforts to keep african americans from returning to their homes? The Katrina event has been used to purge NO of its poor population... it is tantamount to ethnic cleansing, and Pilecki wants to focus on some 'gotcha scandal' about levees.

There's a populist revolution rumbling under the surface, and even the liberal mainstream doesn't get it.

Edwards is trying to speak truth to power, and he has "help" like this from Pilecki. I guess it beats a sharp stick in the eye, which is what he can expect from the Democratic Party.