December 4, 2006

Senator Brownback is a Joke

In case Senator Brownback didn't notice, his extreme, fundamentalist brand or politician is on the outs. Who is he trying to kid? Apparently, he has kidded himself as he announces a bid for Republican presidential nomination in 2008.

IMMIGRATION: Brownback voted for fencing off Mexico, a loosning position given the huge turn-out of the Latino vote for Democrats in 2006.

CIVIL LIBERTIES: Brownback voted for the Military Commission's Act, which revokes the right of Habeas Corpus and allows secret evidence to be used, contrary to the very foundation that makes America ... America.

Domino's Pizza founder, Tom Monaghan, has joined Brownback's exploratory committee, a good reason to boycott Domino's Pizza.

No offense to Kansas, I have family roots there, but Brownback continues to believe the earth is flat. Not one to need evidence, because he's all about "faith," he cites the topology of Kansas as evidence.

There is so much more to say about why Brownback should not be president, but frankly, he doesn't have a chance, so I can't see wasting any more of my time on it.

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Quipper said...

Yeah, so why is Kucinich running on the left? I know why.