April 29, 2009

CDC & WHO Brought to you by... Taxes

In Episode 11 of GDAE Podcast, I touched on the recent anti-tax teabagger rallies. Tipped off by WakeUp AM Podcast, I echoed the following ironic observation:

A [teabagger] group assembled in Portsmouth New Hampshire PUBLIC square. It's a bit ironic to see anti-tax protesters making use of a public square maintained by ... taxes.

The electricity for the rally's PA systems, the clean-up crews following the rallies, medical emergency technicians standing by ... just in case..., the roads leading to the event all paid for with taxes. We can go on listing the food and Drug Administration, Centers or Disease Control, Federal Aviation Administration... the US military, all of which, except maybe the last one, give us a sense of security often taken for granted.

I wasn't aware of the swine flu outbreak when I mentioned the Centers for Disease Control.


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libhom said...

There you go again with that pinko, liberal, commie logic again. ;)