April 28, 2009

Iraq? Rings a Bell...

Yes, it's true. Billions of deflating US Dollars continue to pour into The Iraq Occupation Project. It even made Yahoo! headlines today:

Iraq wants US forces out of Mosul on time

GLH Blog had a good "Remember Iraq" post a couple days ago, tho it was actually titled What About Iraq? complete with fine art.... and I've thought of doing a segment on the next forgotten war on GDAE Podcast... but with the US Empire crashing, and swine flu breaking out... and the Iraqi ethnic cleansing complete...

Hopefully yesterday's headline is indicative of where things are going in Iraq, tho hearing Secretary of State Clinton recently tell Iraqis, and the consuming American public, "We won't abandon you," we might want to have our diplomat-speak antenne up.


Art Credit: Wood burning, Tsalagi.

Associated Press, Iraq wants US forces out of Mosul on time, April 27, 2009.


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libhom said...

Ms. Clinton's comments were highly inappropriate.

Thanks for the mention.