April 21, 2009

Emanuel and Obama Shockers

On Sunday: Rahm Emanuel says Obama will not prosecute Bush attorneys.

On Tuesday: President Obama says prosecution possible.

My heart sank after reading about Emanuel's statement. My heart lifted when hearing President Obama's statement.

Our best hope of preventing similar crimes in the future is to hold Bush administration criminals accountable in full public view.



Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on that GDAEman, these crooks need to be brought down hard!

I think Obama will do it very cautiously though...but do.


Dusty said...

I posted on this as well, the Rahm vs Obama comments. I just hope Cheney et al are brought to trial on this issue, we need to show the world and ourselves that we value human life.

libhom said...

Emanuel is nutty racist right wing. He needs to go.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I saw these statements as well.

I've said many times, that no matter how much a President, or parts his administration need to be prosecuted, they ultimately will not be, because no President wants to go down in history as the guy that opened the door of the white house and let the legal system in.

Having said that, there always remains street justice.......