February 26, 2008

Who Owns WHNT TV?

According to a posting at DemocraticUnderground.com...

"Robert Bass, a classmate and ally of President George W. Bush is the main investor in Oak Hill Capital."

Oak Hill Capital, in turn, owns LOCAL TV, which in Turn owns the Huntsville, Ala. CBS station WHNT TV Channel 19.

Robert Bass

The station is at the center of a controversy following a very rare blackout of the station which coincided with a 12-minute "60 Minutes" segment about Bush adviser Karl Rove's involvement in what is widely considered to be a politically targeted prosecution of former Alabama governor Don Siegelman, a Democrat. This case appears to demonstrate the corruption of the US Attorney function, which is an aspect of the US Attorney firing scandal that has received scant attention by the corporate media.


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Fade said...

blacking out 60 minutes... just amazing the lengths these scumbags will go to...