February 20, 2008

Rush Holt: Safeguarding the US Constitution

What is the Protect America Act reauthorization debate all about? According to Congressman Rush Holt (D NJ) its about changing a bedrock principle of the American form of democracy that would allow the executive branch to spy on American citizens without the check of a warrant from the judicial branch. That is, the Bush White House intends
... to fundamentally change the relationship between the people and their government... and that's scary and it's troubling and it could be long lasting.

In response to a recent essay of mine on warrantless fear mongering, a commenter recently asked "Who is going to protect Americans from the Protect America Act.?" My reply was,

The PEOPLE. AND, apparently Congressman Rush Holt is doing a pretty good job of it.

Below is a video interview with Holt by Robert Kennedy, Jr. It was conducted prior to last weekend's show down between the House Democrats and the White House. Holt was pessimistic in the interview, but still fighting. Holt apparently won a short term victory, because the House leadership decided it would let the Protect America Act expire rather than vote on it.

Interview by Robert Kennedy Jr. of Congressman Rush Holt

Much attention has been focused on whether or not Congress would use the Protect America Act as a vehicle for giving the telecommunications industry immunity from prosecution for being party to Bush's violation of the 4th amendment to the constitution against warrantless searches (surveillance). Holt, as noted above, points out that the implications are much deeper.

The fight is not over. Contact your representative. Tell them you Do NOT want the Protect America Act to be reauthorized. No action is good action in this case.

Also, contact Rush Holt and thank him for his service to the Nation: 202-225-5801.


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