February 19, 2008

Prosecute Bush et al. Chapter 1

Below is my latest video (only 3 min). It builds upon commentary by Mike Papantonio and David Bender of the Ring of Fire radio show. Their point? Bill Clinton should have continued the Iran Contra investigations and prosecuted senior officials of the George H. W. Bush. Had Clinton done so, we would have avoided the disaster of George W. Bush.

Prosecute Bush et al. Chapter 1


Audio and video from Air America radio, Ring of Fire program.


Anonymous said...

I know progressives are variously moving/struggling to establish/keep a vital footholds in the climb to justice and peace -- I saw that Kucinich's seat in congress is now threatened by a systematic takedown. Very unfortunate and off the radar, as usual. Another move motivated by fear.

As you know I've supported Kucinich in the past and currently I'm an Obama Girl (haha). It's complicated for a registered democrat who does see "the big picture" but isn't "mean" (to quote your video).

I understand the progressive stance which raises a fist to the twisted, dominance-at-any-cost, dollar-sniffing, corprocrats (too hard to say); the stance which is resolved never to forget the ones on the street who have perished in the flash of a weapons deal. The world is definitely not a better place when rabid animals seize power and are made or judged as "fit to rule...."

I remember the scene in "To Kill A Mockingbird" when Scout is face to face with a rabid dog coming down the road -- and I guess the people in your video want to know, metaphorically speaking, will Atticus Finch leave the courthouse and will he kill the dog? We watch a character seemingly in conflict with himself making the right decisions. It's gut wrenching in all ways.

I think it's too soon to say with Barack -- but IMO he's endowed with a great moral sense and intelligence to know the real dangers. I believe he will strive to prioritize them and to figure out which to methodically or swiftly deal with.

GDAEman said...

I struggled over whether or not to delete the opening part of the video, which could be interpreted as an Obama slam. My fear was that some people would be turned off, or distracted by it, and miss the larger point.

However, I decided to keep it in. My thinking was that some types of controversy can be healthy. In this case, there IS a concern that Obama might "forgive and forget" with people who will be conspiring against him in the most Machiavellian ways. * shrug *

You're right about him being "endowed with a great moral sense and intelligence" and hopefully right that allows him "to know the real dangers." What do I know. It's easy for ME to say, "Go after them when you get into office."

The excitement and HOPE surrounding Obama is palpable. More interesting than Obama is the social phenomenon... rare in my adult lifetime. So, I pray, and that's not my nature, that he remains safe and prevails. Be sure that March 4 is a date burned into my consciouness...