February 3, 2008

Chilling Effect on Reporters Tightened by Regime

Maybe my blog entry title is the headline Dan Eggan of the Washington Post would really have liked to use for his recent article. He and his editors settled on the title "Grand Jury Subpoenas Times Reporter Over Book Sources."
A federal grand jury in Alexandria has issued a subpoena seeking information about the confidential sources of a newspaper journalist who wrote in a 2006 book about alleged CIA efforts to infiltrate Iran's nuclear program.

The Iranian intelligence probably knew of the CIA's infiltration attempt before NY Times Report James Risen wrote about it; it failed. So, who does the Bush Regime want to keep in the dark?

You guessed it, Hillary Clinton. But, now that they've launched a grand jury, and it's been splashed all over the the Washington Post, everyone knows. Doh! Bush should have just snatched the Times reporter and sent him to an undisclosed location. All of this might have been avoided if Bush & Co. hadn't blown the cover on Valarie Plame-Wilson.


Washington Post, Grand Jury Subpoenas Times Reporter Over Book Sources, Dan Eggan, February 2, 2008.

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