February 10, 2008

Delegate Numbers Show the People are for Obama

What we have known all along is being revealed in the delegate count for Clinton and Obama. The people back Obama and the inside-crowd backs Clinton. You want "change"? Pick Obama. You want Washington inside-crowd "experience" (group think)? Pick Clinton.

Having worked in Washington, I can assure that you need not worry about "experience." Obama will be surrounded by plenty of people with Washington experience, including himself, a member of the upper chamber. He would, however, bring fresh perspective that helps avoid Washington group think.

Democratic Party delegates come in roughly two flavors, "popular delegates" picked by the people through primary elections and the "super delegates", current and former politicians and other Party functionaries (the inside-crowd).

The on-going primary election results give us the count of the popular delegates, and it presently leans in favor of Barak Obabma.

Popular Delegate Count:

904 Obama
875 Clinton

The super delegate count is known only by inference, because they need not reveal their preference until the delegates cast their formal votes. However, the Associated Press is keeping a tally of super delegates who have stated their position, summarized below. Of the 796 lawmakers, governors and party officials who are Democratic super delegates, Clinton currently has 243 and Obama has 156.

Super Delegate Count:

243 Clinton
156 Obama

Total Delegate Count:

1,118 Clinton
1,060 Obama

And, once again, to show that Faux News doesn't give it to you straight, the moniker for their "Delegate Count '08" is "You Decide." Well, in the case of Clinton and Obabma, if it's close, the inside-crowd will decide, not "you" the average person.

UPDATE: From MoveOn.Org

The superdelegates are under lots of pressure right now to come out for one candidate or the other. We urgently need to encourage them to let the voters decide between Clinton and Obama—and then to support the will of the people.

I signed a petition urging the superdelegates to respect the will of the voters. Can you join me at the link below?

Sign the Petition


Anonymous said...

Well put. Now tell me, what are we supposed to DO about this?

GDAEman said...

DO? Wait for the popular revolt. It will come sooner or later... always has, always will.

Tell people about the book "What About Kansas?"

Be Prepared to make deep change when the time comes.

I could go on, but I gotta cook dinner.