February 27, 2008

Kennebunkport Indictment Resolution

On February 26, 2008 citizens served papers of indictment on George Bush and Dick Cheney to the Town of Kennebunkport, ME More.

Some criticize these actions, and similar actions in Brattleboro, VT, as political stunts, which is not the case. Their actions represent government by the people in the face of failing federal institutions. These actions have a legal basis rooted in the fundamental principles that united independent, sovereign states under the banner people blithely call "USA".

Impunity of Bush et al. would undermine the civil fabric of our nation and the world. The checks and balances of the federal government and corporate media are failing. The citizen's actions represent the assertion of states rights and government by the people as envisioned by our nation's founders. They are patriots in the finest tradition.

The following 3-minue video documents and explains the events of February 26 described above.

US Senate Candidate Laurie Dobson, serves papers on Bush and Cheney


For a 50-minute video interview with US Senate candidate Laurie Dobson Click Here


The following 3-min video examines the question of whether the next president will seek criminal prosecution of George Bush and other senior officials: "Prosecute Bush et al. Chapter 1".


Laurie Dobson for Senate YouTube Channel

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