May 4, 2007

Fox 11 Los Angeles: Three Days Later

Ouch! The Los Angeles Police Department really blew it this time. It's OK to beat up anarchists and Latinos from poor neighborhoods; who listens to them? But you don't shoot and beat up mainstream news media personnel. Hard to ignore. Even Bush's FBI is being forced to open a civil rights inquiry into the officers' conduct. Lets hope they go up the chain.

It's three days after the LA cops reminded us all of where the police state is heading if we don't stop it, and the FOX 11 KTTV web page is still dominated by images of the May 1 "Melee." (True, they are also covering Paris Hilton being sentenced to 45-days in jail for parole violation).

If I was Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, I'd be pissed I had to cut short my trade mission to Mexico to deal with fallout from police violence.

FOX 11 TV and Univision Footage

Telemundo Report en Espanol


Associated Press, JEREMIAH MARQUEZ, May 4, 2007

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