May 31, 2007

Gore and Sheehan Join Forces, NOT

Does Marie Cocco actually get paid to write her essays, like "Gore and Sheehan Join Forces."?? Good title. About two-thirds of the way through I thought, hey, good writer. I'm still reading this thing, 'cuz I want to see how they're joining forces. Sorry. Come to find out, they're not. It was just a fluff piece, with conventional (read incorrect) wisdom, like the following, to which I replied.

Eventually these peculiar dark ages will end. We can only hope historians see them as an aberration, not an early marker of decline.

Unfortunately, the history is already being written; we're in decline. Here's a contemporary example with references to someone documenting this decline. Former CIA consultant Chalmers Johnson is another who is documenting it.

Watch the real estate situation unravel this summer. Congress will try to save it, placing the burden on future tax-payers (so much for a "free" market in which bad business decisions are allowed to play out). We've seen it before in the same way the S&L double-scandal was swept under the rug. The twin debts will grow. Eventually, foreigners will diversify out of dollars, more so than they are already, and the US will decline like Spain and Britain did. The "hope" is that the US will do so with grace rather than a holocaust.

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