May 7, 2007

Ode to Wakeup AM Podcast

Out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, comes Wakeup AM (America), one of my favorite podcasts. Like many things, it's something that has to grow on you (Oh, they'll have fun with that one.)

Butt, seriously. Three woman and a guy named Brian, who sounds like a youngish guy with brown hair (ask Chris the Carpenter), have this great thing going... 72-plus radio shows converted to podcasts, and that doesn't count their local hour.

You've gotta cut them some slack because, 1) I don't think this is a paid gig, 2) They're just real folk like you and I, 3) They're broadcasting at 7am (up north where it's COLD in the winter).

OK. Some substance.

On their May 3 broadcast (Show #72), they devoted a the first part to discussing economic issues (remember "It's the economy stupid"?). They understand the the difference between Wall Street versus Main Street economic measures. They quoted one of my favorites, Paul Krugman, who ranks high in my eyes for exposing the Revolutionary Power that is the Bush regime. They also quote Mike Whitney, contributor to Global Research, who is explaining that US dollar dominance is crumbling, and this represents an opportunity for a more just society.

They note the military clamp down on blogging. That simply means the military is getting desperate. A good sign that the thing is unraveling.

They also talk about Senator Richard (Dick) Durbin who has admitted failing to uphold his oath to protect the constitution. This is something I've blogged on. In short, according to former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, Durbin was not prohibited from telling Americans the truth, so long as he didn't expose sources and methods.

Brian reminds us to follow the principle of asking "Who Benefits?" when we are assessing an issue. The other principle that Meg reminds us of is, "Follow the Money," and it inevitably leads to corporations. I remind everyone that it's not about corporate behavior, but rather about corporate power, and our need to take away that power.

Ugh. They, among others, note that former CIA Chief, George Tenant's book, clarifies his statement about the Iraq WMD "slam dunk." He wasn't saying the WMD intelligence was a slam dunk. He was saying that selling this false story to the American public to justify invading Iraq was a slam dunk. We're all asking, isn't that worse than the original interpretation of the "slam dunk" offense? Shouldn't Tenant go to jail for that? Hello? Are there any law enforcement people out there? Waddya mean the prosecutors have been fired? Do we have to execute a citizen's arrest? Meg is pissed. I mean .... words don't describe. It's really in our hands at this point, 'cuz, as Wakeup AM demonstrates with their coverage of the recent Democratic debate, them Dems ain't gonna do anything about it.

Wakeup AM played clips of Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich from the debate. It's so refreshing to hear honest statements from a politician. Here's an example of Gravel via YouTube:

Senator Mike Gravel

They talk about the Democratic options for getting out of Iraq, and correctly predict the Murtha option of limited funding until August is the likely option. My preference is the "No Legislation" option; don't send Bush a bill he can veto.... just take no action.

AND, they aren't afraid to say there's Someth'n Fishy about 9/11.

Finally, they post funny pictures on their blog.... so, ya gotta like them for that. All in all, a great show. You need to send them money and praise.


GDAEman said...

Damn. I didn't realize how much that Cho guy looks like Bush. Can you see the resemblance?

Simmons said...

The face almost looks the same :)

Nice new look. It looks vaguely familiar ;)

GDAEman said...

Now WakeUp AM has well over 100 pod casts, and is going strong.