May 30, 2007

Improper Media Contact by Security Contractor

Today I read that the U.S. government has outsourced the monitoring of al-Qaida messages to contractor, IntelCenter.

We also read that Ben Venzke at IntelCenter interpret the information, saying the group likely did not believe any of its demands would be met; "It essentially allows al-Qaida to say that it has provided fair warning and is thus no longer responsible for the outcome."

Aside from the obvious security risks of having a for-profit corporation responsible for screening intelligence data, why is the contractor allowed to have contacts with the media? Interpretation of that information for public dissemination
should only be developed by US officials who are are properly accountable.

I certainly hope agents of the U.S. government are spying on IntelCenter.


Associated Press, Al-Qaida video threatens attacks on U.S., ANNA JOHNSON, May 30, 2007.

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