May 28, 2007

No-Legislation Alternative to End the Iraq War

It's a simple premise: Don't send any legislation on funding the Iraq war to Bush, and he can't veto it. It's the no-legislation option, and the Democrats have the power to do it.

The Democrats, who seem to believe the establishment media matters, repeat the false logic that "funding the war" equals "funding the troops." These are only words that serve as a cover. They want to give the impression of "trying," but don't really want to succeed in asserting their power to influence the Iraq war.

The Democrats do not want to take any meaningful action on the Iraq war for fear they will be blamed for the outcome, which will be chaos in the near term. The Democrats have power now. They simply don't want to use it in regard to the Iraq war until after the 2008 election. THEN, the Democratic Party establishment's dilemma will be, "should we use our power and risk the 2012 second term?"

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