May 5, 2007

Cinco de mayo 2007: Inklings of a Revolution

Score another one for alternative media. Dan and his partner give you a feel of what the cops were doing in MacArthur Park and surrounding areas in LA on May 1, 2007. The LAPD is reported to have shot at least 240 "non-lethal" rounds. This is a "must see" video, and I've looked at a number of others.

Independent Videographers Caught in MacArthur Park Police Sweep
May 1, 2007

The image of police in black riot gear with "non-lethal" weapons is becoming very common (See Pentagon Photos). We need to take the riot toys away from the police departments. "Nonlethal" weapons kill people and make it too easy for cops to use excessive force.

In an analysis of 373 incidents in which 969 projectiles were fired, the following statistics were identified:

Recent Growth in Use (reflects only those surveyed for the study):

56 Incidents were from 1985 - 1995
312 Incidents were from 1995 - 2000

Results of 782 Impacts:

680 resulted in a Bruise, Abrasion or Laceration
27 resulted in a bone fracture
14 resulted in a penetration (photo below of a projectile lodged near a man's eye)
10 Deaths

Range of Fire:

60% were shot within 30ft
40% were shot within 20ft

Munition Types:

About 80% were bean bag varieties. The others were baton rounds (various plastic, foam, rubber, wooden projectiles).

Carl Kesser, independent Miami filmmaker, with
a bean bag lodged near his eye.

He was shot while covering the protest of the
Free Trade Area of the America in Miami Florida,
November 2003 [2]

In addition to deaths caused by "non-lethal" projectiles, there are numerous reported deaths due to taser weapons.

In November 2004 Amnesty International published a report detailing its concerns about taser use in the USA, including the circumstances in which more than 70 people had died in the USA and Canada after being struck with the weapons.[1]

The cops need to back off, and stop forming riot lines. The cops need to realize they are working class people, and be prepared to switch sides "when the time comes" and it will.


1. USA: Excessive and lethal force? Amnesty International’s concerns about deaths and ill-treatment involving tasers AI Index: AMR 51/139/2004

2. The city of Miami agreed Tuesday to pay $180,000 to Carl Kesser. After medical costs and attorneys' fees, Kesser said that he was ''breaking even'' by taking the offer. Kesser said he was disappointed the courts did not find Miami violated his constitutional rights, as he'd hoped to make a statement with his suit against the city. On the plus side, he said, ``there's probably 150, 170 cases behind me.'' Article.

Study on the effects of less-than-lethal weapons
[PDF]. IMPACT MUNITIONS DATA BASE OF USE AND EFFECTS, Ken Hubbs ; David Klinger, February, 2004.

Free Press: Excellent Story, "LAPD on May Day March: Strike Now, Ask Later," May 3, 2007 Daniel Hernandez. My lead to YouTube video.


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Some non-lethal weapons need to be kept; tear gas, for example. But non-lethal weapons should be taken away because they lead to excessive force and that they need to be taken away, like you said.

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