March 29, 2009

Argentina's Shame in Paired Photos

File this under "pictures say a thousand words." A set of paired photos of friends and family "before" Argentinian's dirty war disappearances and "after"...

Disappeared thanks to the Ten Percent blog for sharing the artistic work of Gustavo Germano.

One of the photo pairs below (click to enlarge):

Argentine photographer Gustavo Germano’s exhibition, “Absences”, explores the universe of the victims of “disappearances” during Argentina’s “Dirty War” (1976-1983). Photos are juxtaposed in pairs, one old and one recent. On the new one, a person is missing. Disappeared for ever, without leaving a trace.

Coincidentally, I sat at a bar in Washington, DC just over a week ago and chatted with a young guy from Argentina. We discussed Argentina's dirty war among other topics.


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