March 8, 2009

Bringing it Out in the Open

Below is a comment left on a petition in support of HR 676 Nonprofit Medicare for All. It speaks for itself.

IT IS SHAMEFUL WHEN A PERSON HAS TO GO THROUGH SUCH LENGTHS JUST TO GET HELP WHEN THE PEOPLE WHO READ THIS IF THEY DO, HAVE NO PROBLEM ABOUT WORRYING ABOUT HEALTH CARE. I AM JUST ASKING FOR HELP IN FINDING OUT WHY I STAY SICK, I HAVE TAKEN PENICILLIN 3 TIMES, CIPPRO, AND JUST FINISHED THE AVELOX 400 MGS 1 PILL FOR 10 DAYS, GUESS WHAT ?--STILL SICK! NONE WORK. JUST FINISHED THE CELEXA AND WILL NOT CONTINUE ON ANY MORE. THIS IS WHERE OUR PARISH WOULD RATHER SPEND THE MONEY. Last week the Calcasieu Police Jury agreed to buy an 11 story building on Lakeshore Drive to be used for office space and parking by the District Attorney's office and nearby courts. The cost was nearly $5 million. It was purchased from an investment group that paid around $3 million for the site just a few weeks earlier. Do you approve of Calcasieu Parish government purchasing the 11 story "white building" from a local investment group for just over 1.5 million dollars more than the group paid for it a few weeks ago? IS THIS WHAT THEY WOULD RATHER SPEND THE MONEY ON, DESK SPACE AND PARKING? ""JUST DENIED AGAIN FOR THE THIRD TIME FOR SSIDI IN LOUISIANA. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON THE GOVERNOR OF LOUISIANA."" LOOKS SO SHAMEFUL ON THE GOVERNOR'S PART, I SENT E-MAIL AFTER E-MAIL CONCERNING MY HEALTH PROBLEMS, EVEN A COPY OF THE E-MAIL SENT TO ME FROM THE FDA ABOUT ALL THE MEDICATIONS I AM ON, OH, BY THE WAY, STILL SICK!YES, I RECIEVED HIS LETTER OR WELL THE OFFICE'S LETTER LETTING ME KNOW THAT THE DHH WOULD BE CONTACTING ME IN REGARDS TO GETTING HELP. WELL GUESS WHAT,,YEP, NO SUPRISE, EVERYTHING THAT THEY RECOMMENDED DOING OR CONTACTING OR GOING THROUGH, I ALREADY AM, WHY DO YOU THINK I AM STILL TRYING TO GET HELP? SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON THE GOVERNOR, HE PROMISED TO GET BETTER HEALTH CARE FOR THE PEOPLE OF LOUISIANA. I HAVEN'T GOTTEN YET. SULPHUR,LA 70663 ---READ ALL---READ ALL---READ ALL---READ ALL--- VERY LONG E-MAIL---VERY LONG E-MAIL---VERY LONG E-MAIL--- PLEASE IF YOU HAVE A HEART OR IF YOU CARE PLEASE READ THIS. !!!!!!!!!!READ ALL OF THIS---READ ALL OF THIS---READ ALL OF THIS---!!!!!!!!!! IT IS VERY LONG, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO SIT AND READ ALL OF THIS. YOU ARE NOT GOING THROUGH WHAT I AM. MS. WENDY IN BATON ROUGE RECOMMENDED THAT I STAY ON THE CELEXA AND START THE RELPAX WHEN IT COMES IN, DESPITE WHAT THE FDA SAYS. Dear Ms.********: Thank you for your inquiry to the Division of Drug Information at the Food and Drug Administration. You are correct, you are on quite a bit of medications. One of the concerns that I have is that some of these medications have side effects that may increase some of you symptoms of depression, headache, and drowsiness. Another issue that should be brought to the attention of you doctor/pharmacist is that if you have an allergy to the drug Imitrex, you may have some reaction to the Relpax. Dilantin is a drug that is used to help control you from having seizures, it's a drug that is considered to have a very narrow therapeutic window, which means that the levels of the drug should be monitored otherwise, if elevated or reduced, there is a increased potential for a seizure to occur. Neurontin is another medication to prevent seizures. However, it can cause drowisiness. In addition, both Celexa and the hydrocodone that you have been prescribe will cause additional drowsiness. It is not recommended to take Celexa and Relpax at the same time, as it may lead to what is referred to as serotoinin syndrome. DO YOU WANT TO TAKE ALL OF THESE MEDICATIONS, AND BE TOLD GO HOME AND SLEEP OR AS SSI SAYS, GO BACK TO WORK, WHEN YOU HAVE 3 KIDS? WHY IS IT SO HARD TO JUST SAY ADMIT HER FOR 3-4 DAYS, DO ALL TESTS, ALL, AND INTRAVENOUS MEDICATIONS. HOW HARD IS THAT? YOU COME PAY FOR ALL OF THIS. AND STILL PAY BILLS, BUY GROCERIES, AND AT THIS TIME TRY TO GET PRESENTS FOR YOUR KIDS WHEN YOU DO NOT HAVE A JOB, AND YOUR BOYFRIEND IS WORKING OVER TIME TO TRY TO DO IT ALL. STILL BEING DENIED FOR ANY HELP. SAY BOYFRIEND MAKES TOO MUCH MONEY, WELL, I WONDER WHY, BUT YET THEY DO NOT WANT TO ADD UP ALL THE BILLS AND SUCH THAT THE MONEY GOES TO AND WHAT IS LEFT OVER. JUST HOW MUCH IS MADE A YEAR, NOT BROUGHT HOME. 32 yoa, epileptic since childhood, current medications on a"" DAILY BASIS "" , YES DAILY, 100mgs- dilantin - 2 pills 3 times daily-(600) 600mgs- neurontin -1 pill 3 times daily-(1800) 97.2mgs- phenebarb- 1 pill at bedtime 40mgs- celexa- 1 pill at bedtime (may break in half if too strong)-JUST FINISHED ceron-dm syp- 1 teaspoon 2 times daily-JUST FINISHED 400mgs- avelox abc- 1 pill daily for 10 days-JUST FINISHED 7.5/500mgs- hydrocodone- 1OR 1 & 1/2 pill every 4-6 hours as needed for pain-THREW OUT WAITING ON PHARMACY TO CONTACT ME AND LET ME KNOW WHEN THE LAST PRESCRIPTION HAS COME IN, HAD TO BE ORDERED, SOMETHING LIKE OR CALLED "" RELPAX "" FOR HEADACHES. ALSO WAS ADVISED TO CONTINUE ON MUCINEX IF HELPS. IS ALL OF THIS GOOD FOR MY BODY? I ALREADY GET SICK JUST WHEN THE WIND BLOWS. NOW, I AM HAVING LOWER ABDOMEN PAIN, ON THE RIGHT SIDE, CAN'T STOP HAVING TO GO PEE. AND PLEASE DO NOT JUST E-MAIL ME AND TELL ME TO CONSULT MY PHYSCIAN, I GO THROUGH OUR LOCAL LSU CHARITY HOSPITAY, AND THE ONLY WAY TO TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR IS TO JUST GO TO THE E.R., AND THEN HOPE THEY GIVE YOU AN EARLY APPOINTMENT, NOT ONE THAT IS 4 MONTHS AWAY, BECAUSE YOUR PCP ONLY SEES YOU EVERY 3 MONTHS. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING.DON'T TELL ME TO CONTACT MY LOCAL SENATORS OR CONGRESSMEN IN MY DISTRICT!!!!!!!!!! I ALREADY HAVE!!!!!!!!!! NO HELP. I AM JUST SO READY TO BE ADMITTED INTO THE HOSPITAL AND GIVEN THE ANTIBIOTICS THROUGH AN I V STRAIGHT IN MY BLOOD STREAM AND GIVE ME PAIN MEDICATION SO I CAN FINALLY HAVE A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP. SO WHAT IF THEY HAVE TO KEEP ME FOR A FEW DAYS AND RUN TESTS, BUT MAKE SURE THEY RUN PROPER TESTS. FIND OUT WHY THE SAME INFECTION KEEPS COMING BACK AND DESPITE ALL THE OTHER ANTIBIOTICS I HAVE ALREADY TAKEN, WHY HAVE THEY NOT WORKED? WHY DO I KEEP HAVING THE SAME PROBLEMS ALL THE TIME AND CANNOT GET THE RIGHT HELP? SUPPOSEDLY MY CT AND MRI COME BACK NEGATIVE, BUT I AM NOT GETTING ANY BETTER. WHAT IS WRONG? WHY ARE THEY NOT TRYING HARDER TO FIND OUT?????????? WHAT IS WRONG?????????? WARNING: WARNING: WARNING:, THIS IS A LONG E-MAIL, PLEASE IF YOU CARE, READ ALL OF IT, IF NOT THEN DO LIKE THE REST WHO DOES'T CARE, SELFISH PEOPLE AND DELETE IT. i am just tired of begging congressmen, senators, charity hospital administrators, hospital social services, every one for help. because i do not have any insurance or medicaid, i have to go through charity hospitals, after spending over a week making phone calls and begging shreveprot charity to finally get the neurologist i was referred to look at my results, now they say i need to contact lafayette charity and talk with the ear, nose, and throat clinic whom i was also referred to, to check my information and see if i have an appointment yet, NOT UNTIL FEBRUARY 2009. it took finding and getting lucky the phone number of the chancellor's office at shreveport for someone to finally give me information. now, it is time to start fighting to get something done in lafayette. i am contacting you to see if you can help or know an ear, nose, and throat speacilist close by that is willing to and for the sake of the holidays, take on a charity case much needed free of charge, which will also and may boost his holiday and everyday business, or even getting in touch with the dean or chancellor at U M C LAFAYETTE, and they do have all my information and referral, to get me in this week, only 45 minute drive, i need to be seen, cannot continue on all these medications, and be an epilelptic person. please if you can help with keeping me out of the news or on tv, i WOULD SO MUCH BE SO VERY, VERY, VERY, GRATEFUL. HAVE ALREADY went to the e.r. , and they gave me a breathing treatment, morphine, and said i only had a cold and told me not to cough. sent me home with a prescription for hyrocodone 500 mgs. never did they treat the infection in my upper pallet of my mouth, which has been swollen and badly infected for well over a month FINALLY THE SWELLING WENT DOWN, BUT FOR HOW LONG, THE INFECTION ALWAYS COMES BACK. even my dentist has treated this before it was this bad 3 times, then i got an ear infection and my mouth swollen up again. since it has never been cured. my dentist said i need to see an EAR, NOSE, AND THROAT SPEACILIST, and so did the pcp doctor i see at our lsu w.o. moss regional charity hospital, in lake charles, la. he wrote a referral to go to lsu charity in lafayette, la, but now they say it might or could take up to 3 months before i am even seen. my goodness, now wonder people or so cautious to vote on an health care issues, while it may help the people in office, it does nothing for those who made the vote and need the help. i have more wrong with me than just a cold, and i cannot be doped upped 24-7. i am 32 yoa, and deserve a life, and deserve to enjoy that life with my family. why do people have to beg so much for help, when it is only 45 minutes away?????????? i have even begged them to just admit me until the e. n. t. can look and treat me, nothing. why??????????no, medicaid, they denied me, no SSIDI, this is the third time DENIED AGAIN, last two times denied, even though i received SSI from child hood into my 20's when they cut me off, yes, i am epileptic also. AS YOU SHOULD KNOW EPILEPSY HAS NO CURE. I AM TO THE POINT I WANT BACK PAY FOR CUTTING ME OFF, SO I CAN PAY THE E.R. MEDICAL BILLS THAT TOTAL TO MORE THAN OVER $8,000. I SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN CUT OFF OR DENIED.!!!!!!!!!! and please do not tell me or referr me to contact my senators or congressmen in my district, already have. i'm sure they know my name pretty good by now, as well as the epilepsy foundation of louisiana. i went to see my pcp doctor at moss regional in lake charles,la, and he didn't look at my mouth or my ears, we had a few arguments, me and him, he told me i had mood swings and needed to see a psychiatrist, told me to ignore the pain i have, don't think about it, don't take pain medications either, that is when i dropped my pants all the way to the floor and showed him all of my bruises on my legs and body, that i do not know how i got, he said i had to much estrogen, but when i said wrong answer, i had a partial hysterectomy almost 11 years ago, he then said, let me rephrase that, you have or might have low or high estrogen then. as a doctor, he should have looked at my medical chart RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM, and seen that i had a partial hysterectomy almost 11 years ago, before just blurting out a diagnoses, and then having to retract what he said. after arguing for awhile and many tears, trying to just walk out, but my mom stopped me, he then just wrote 3 more prescriptions, never looked at my mouth or ear or asked me about my neck pain. i had TWO filled for $5 and $6 the other 1 is sitting at the hospital pharmacy. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE MEDICAL SYSTEM?????????? EVEN MS. WENDY IN BATON ROUGE AT THE LSU CHARITY HOSPITAL THERE, CONTACTED THE HEAD NEUROLOGIST IN SHREVEPORT, DOCTOR KELLY, AND WAS TRYING TO GET AN E.N.T., AN APPOINTMENT FOR ME SOONER THAN ----MARCH OF 2009, BUT ALL SHE WAS ABLE TO ARRANGE, WAS IN JANUARY OF 2009 AT 8:00 A.M. CT, SO WE WILL HAVE TO LEAVE HERE ABOUT 3:00 A.M., JUST TO GIVE TIME FOR TRAFFIC AND GETTING LOST. NO I WILL NOT BE CELEBRATING THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS, I AM SENDING MY KIDS TO THEIR DADS FOR THEIR 2 WEEK HOLIDAY VACATION, THEY WILL COME BACK AFTER CHRISTMAS. WHY SHOULD THEY HAVE TO SUFFER OR BE STRESSED OR WORRIED ABOUT ME. LET THEM HAVE SOME ENJOYMENT. I WILL I GUESS JUST HAVE TO SUFFER AND MANAGE. (((((MERRY, MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL), ISN'T THAT WHAT THE SAYING IS?????????? WELL, NOT FOR ME, AND MY BOYFRIEND, HE HAS WORKED ALMOST 80 HOURS IN ONE WEEK, TRYING TO GET A GOOD PAYCHECK TO MAKE SURE WE CAN PAY EVERYTHING. LAND TAXES WERE DUE ALMOST $600, BY DECEMBER 31,2008. RIGHT AT CHRISTMAS TIME. HOPE YA'LL ALL ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS, PRESENTS, WATCHING YOUR FAMILY LAUGH AND SMILE, WHILE YOU LAUGH AND SMILE AT THEM, I WILL BE SO DOPED UP ON MEDICATION, I WILL SLEEP FROM MORNING TO NIGHT, GET UP FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS, AND SLEEP AGAIN TILL MORNING. --LOUISIANA HEALTH SYSTEMS AND SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEMS ARE GREEDY AND THEY SUCK. THEY SHOULD BE NAMED #1, #1, AS THE WORST STATE FOR HEALTH CARE, AND SOCIAL SECURITY. --- I HAVE THREW OUT THE HYDROCODONE AND RAN OUT OF MUCINEX. ARE THEY TRYING TO KILL ME OR GET ME TO FILL MORE PRESCRIPTIONS SO THE STATE GETS A CUT, BECAUSE IT COMES FROM A CHARITY HOSPITAL? NOW I HAVE TO GET THE NEURONTIN FILLED IN 3 WEEKS FOR A 90 DAY SUPPLY AND THAT WILL BE ALMOST $200, AND THE phenobarb FILLED WHICH WILL BE ALMOST $15 AT THE SULPHUR,LA WALMART. WHY AM I NOT APPROVED FOR SSIDI WITH A DISABILATY THAT HAS NO CURE AND WHY DO I NOT GET MEDICAID? THIS STATE IS ""VERY, VERY, VERY, GREEDY, I SHOULD BE RECIEVING BOTH. NO MATTER WHAT MY BOYFRIEND GROSSES A YEAR, HE DOESN'T BRING ALL THAT HOME,AND THEY DO NOT ADD UP ALL THE BILLS, NEEDS, GROCIERIES, """""PRESCRIPTIONS""""", ETC....., EVEN THE DOCTOR WROTE A LETTER THAT SSIDI HAS A COPY OF SAYING I CANNOT WORK FULL TIME. !!!!!WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH LOUISIANA AND THE HEALTH AND SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM????? CAN YOU TELL ME, LOAN ME YOUR INSURANCE, ADD ME TO YOUR POLICY!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T TALK WITH DOCTOR HE IS IN CLINIC OR NURSES ARE WITH DOCTOR, OR PATIENTS. JUST TOLD GO TO E.R. some state we live in. boy i tell you. all this money for car companies, and buying buildings for better office space and parking, but none for the health of the people. WHY IS IT THAT I WAS APPROVED FOR SSI FROM CHILD HOOD INTO MY 20'S AND THEN AT THE CUT OFF AGE I WAS STILL APPROVED? I HAD TO RE-APPLY EVERY YEAR, BUT I WAS APPROVED, UNTIL I STARTED GOING TO THE LSU MEDICAL CLINIC IN LAKE CHARLES,LA. EVEN MY OWN CASE WORKER, MR. CHARLIE ELLIS, FOR SSI, INFORMED ME THAT I WAS CUT OFF BECAUSE THE DOCTOR I WAS APPARENTLY SEEING, TOLD SSI THAT I WAS CURED. *****HELLO- THERE- IS - NO- CURE- FOR- EPILEPSY- *****

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