March 10, 2009

Medicare For All

It's a simple concept. Even conservative seniors like their Medicare. But, we've been told by the Republicrat aristocracy that a single-payer system is "off the table."

Well, if the majority of the public thinks non-profit Medicare For All is affordable and makes sense, and we live in a democracy, then, shouldn't it become the law of the land? And if it doesn't become the law of the land, do we live in a democracy?

Lets put that question to a test. Lets call for a national referendum on Medicare for all as part of Obama's. But, since that will take two years to organize....

You can Act Now to voice your vote. Sign this petition supporting HR 676, non-profit Medicare for All sponsored by Rep. John Conyers.

Psssst... Do Something Else too!
Please take a little more time to Contact President Obama and urge him to support HR 676 non-profit Medicare for All.



libhom said...

Good on you for bringing up HR676. People need to keep pushing on it. One point I think needs to be made is that "universal healthcare" that involves insurance companies and HMOs isn't really universal since they don't provide universal care for the people they "cover."

GDAEman said...

My attitude is, who needs the middle man?