March 13, 2009

Cramer Taken Down by Jon Stewart

Surely, a historic event.... but will anything change?

On Jon Stewart's interview of Jim Cramer,

So nice to see you and Colbert daring to speak your minds and reveal the crude truth in this post/present politically correct world in which we still find ourselves... where no one wants to step on anyone's toes, especially in the media. It WAS an uncomfortable interview and it made me realis how long it's been since I've seen such an authentic interview. It reminded me of some of the fabulous comedians and reporters of the 60s and 70s that dared stand up to the establishment. What a relief to see people like you and Colbert with the balls to unveil the world's hypocracies...we see too little of it these days. -- Kim Silvert

Every American should watch this episode of the Daily Show:

Yea, everyone is buzzing about it. People have been Twittering about how many people are Twittering about it.

See the Three Parts Below:

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