January 8, 2009

Israel's Two-Front War?

Initial corporate media accounts are down-playing the significance of rockets fired from Lebanon as being isolated. But give Israel's gross violations of legal and ethical norms, an uncontrolled escalation is a risk.

Psssst... Do Something


Reuters, Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel amid Gaza offensive, Haim Shafir, January 8, 2008.



Dusty said...

Yeah, it's bothering the hell out of me as to whether Israel will now start bombing the living shit out of southern Lebanon as well.

The Red Cross is finding starving kids in blown up houses with their dead parents...where is our media on this? fuckers..

libhom said...

If Israel doesn't calm down, they will face attacks on other fronts too. They need to get out of Gaza and the rest of Palestine.

GDAEman said...

Thanks for stopping by you two. Yea. The Red Cross broke its code of silence to castigate Israel... so you know the war crimes are really bad this time.

Then you have Mayor Bloomberg saying issues of proportionality don't matter. Geez. Does he realize that his logic supports calls to "wipe Israel of the map?" If proportionality doesn't matter....

Ugh! let me stop.

libhom said...

Bloomberg always was a homophobic bigot. Now, he is showing his bigotry against Arabs. He isn't fit to be a dog catcher, much less the mayor of a major city.