January 4, 2009

GDAE Podcast: Episode - 2

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Episode 2:

You might call this episode of GDAE Podcat a "Special Edition" because much of the 30 minute show is devoted to voices from the homes of Palestinians in the midst of the first days Israeli attacks. The illegal Israeli invasion continues allegedly against the legitimately elected Hamas government. But there is more than that....
  • Prosecute Bush: A call to vsit Obama's Change.gov website and vote forf appointing a special prosecutor ("How To" below)*,
  • Voices from the Besieged Gaza Strip: Gripping interviews with Palestinians living in the Gaza strip as US-made Apache helicopters fire their guns[1],
  • A visit by Rick Back Book Bock: Parenting Wayword Financial Corporations,
  • Music: "Brazilita," acoustic guitar and xylophone, Pat and GDAEman.
* Simple "How To" vote for Bush's prosecution on Obama's "Change.gov" website:

1. Go to Obama's Transition Team web site, Change.gov
2. Go to the "Open for Questions" page
3. Sign In to your Change.gov account, or register if you don't have one (it's easy)
4. Search for the questions using the keywords: Special Prosecutor (or Gaza)
5. Vote in favor by clicking the Check Mark

Note: Many people have asked the same question (over 500). You can vote on as many of them as you like.


[1] Flashpioints Radio, December 29, 2008 Episode.


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