January 7, 2009

Palestinian AP Reporter Article to go Viral...

.... with your help.

AP Gaza reporter finds hometown in rubble

If you have a yahoo account, skim this article, go to the bottom, and click "Recommend." Then, click "BuzzUp" and add a comment.

If you don't have a yahoo account, you might consider starting one if only so you can participate in the buzz wars. Alone we are little, together we are large.

Psssst... Do Something


AP Gaza reporter finds hometown in rubble, IBRAHIM BARZAK, January 7, 2008.



libhom said...

I checked, and the article also is lined on Digg.com. Unfortunately, it has far fewer votes there.


Good idea to publicize the human side of the war.

GDAEman said...

I'll place my vote. BTW, my Second podcast explains how to use Change.gov to "vote" on questions posed to Obama. So, your blog, influenced me, my podcast will hopefully influence a few more...