January 9, 2009

Dennis Blair: Withdraw Nomination

My latest note to Team Obama via "comments" at Change.gov:

State Department documents show that Dennis Blair, nominee for the top intelligence post, ignored his formal instructions to tell the military leader of Indonesia to stop using militias to kill civilians in East Timore. (This occurred during the Clinton Administration).

His nomination should be withdrawn, otherwise there will be a very embarrassing fight in the Senate confirmation process.

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Anonymous said...

Blair is no defender of freedom - he supported Indonesian General Wiranto and the Indonesian military that raped and massacred more than a thousand civilians in Timor in 1999. And to make matters worse, he lied to or willfully misled the US Congress in testimony given before the Senate Armed Services Committee. He is a stain on the Obama Administration.

libhom said...

Another bad Obama appointment.


GDAEman said...

He's so establishment.