August 28, 2008

Susan Eisenhower's Speech

Until recently, President Eisenhower's grand daughter Susan was a registered Republican. She spoke during prime time on the closing night of the Democratic convention. She gave a great speech and you could tell she really meant it.

Susan Eisenhower's Speech at 2008 Dem Convention (Transcript)

Wikipedia on Susan Eisenhower

The other speech that struck a chord, despite getting off to a wooden start, came from a typical American named Barney Smith. Political consultants should take note of the crowd-response to what will be a memorable one-liner of the convention when he said "I want a president who cares more about Barney Smith than Smith Barney."



Anonymous said...

Susan Eisenhower's remarks from last night are on her website, :

GDAEman said...

Thanks. I've added the transcript just below the video.

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