August 26, 2008

Maryland Elections Board Confronted with Leaked Diebold Report

The election oversight organization "Velvet Revolution" has posted an article entitled:

"Diebold Coverup-Stephen Spoonamore Confronts MD Board of Elections With Unredacted SAIC Report"

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Computer security expert, and Republican, Stephen Spoonamore obtained a 197-page report and confronted the Maryland Board of Elections with it at a public meeting. He told them that if he were handed such a report in the private sector, he would “shut down the system and open a fraud investigation.”

Spoonamore, with a concealed microphone, talked with the MD elections officials. One of the officials told him that the leaked report was “a security risk.” Following the meeting, Spoonamore was contacted by law enforcement officials who demanded to know how he got the report.

Velvet Revolution has this all in a video posted on YouTube.

The 197-page SAIC report prepared for the State of Maryland was entitled: "Risk Assessment Report: Diebold AccuVote-TS Voting System and Processing." According to the video, the report was so sensitive that election commission officials only saw redacted versions and had to sign confidentiality agreements. There is another report, perhaps the 32-page version, entitled "State of Maryland Electronic Voting System Security" presented to the Maryland Department of Budget and Management, Annapolis, Maryland, September 17, 2003.

Why do we have private companies, cloaked by business-confidentiality, making our voting machines and counting our votes?


Velvet Revolution


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