August 3, 2008

Christina Applegate: Get well, Stay Well

Christina Applegate, famous as the ditzy cutie on Marred with Children, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is 36-years old. Her mother apparently battled cancer too.

From what little I pick up of pop culture, I hear she's a gifted actor and intelligent, informed person. She defies convention and speaks her mind about social issues, even when it isn't popular to do so.

Count me as one who hopes she gets well and stays healthy for many decades to come.

Donate to the American Cancer Society. Sometimes criticized for being one of the largest non-profit organizations. They are also criticized for using some of their funds to promote general access to medical care. I consider the latter goal worthy, and related to the larger mission of dealing with cancer; until we have a "cure," or can prevent cancer, early screening remains a key to successful treatment, and access to medical care is key to early screening and treatment.


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libhom said...

"Marred with Children"

If I had posted that typo, it would have been a Freudian slip. The idea of having children has always made me cringe.